Everybody wondering
What's wrong with me
Supposed to be more social
Can't they see
I'm not a big fan
Of grown ups
I love Children and pets
Little kids are just so cool
And dogs simply rule
Cats are fun to watch
A mind of their own
But they always
Cuddle up
I'm just not a big fan
Of grown ups
I like Children and pets
Oh there might be
A few out there
One or two
That could make me care
Give up my obsession
With children and pets
Everybody's wondering
What's wrong with me
Life's too short
Can't they see
Spend your time
With those that
Make you laugh
Little kids do that
the best
Those little smiles
Warm my heart
And they have
All the answers
If you let them
Do their part
So listen grown ups
They have a lot to say
Teaching us always
How to play
Dogs are mans best friend
It's just so hard
When their short life ends
But they make up for it
With all that unconditional love
I agree with the rest
Doggie kisses are the best
So quit bugging me
I'm where I want to be
I love children and pets