I Can Feel the Bern and I'm a Hillary Girl
Hey makers of medicine and medical gearCan you feel the Bern cause your time is nearYes big insurance companies and Wall streetSomeone got to greedy and now your gig is upBecause ordinary people like us we've had enoughI can feel the Bern and I'm a Hillary GirlCan't afford my children's college so let's get realWe love America and of the freeBut the greed is outrages and hard to believeI keep running in to people with sore teethBecause they can't afford the dentistIt makes me weepI'm trying to understand the greedy heartI don't blame all billionairesWarren Buffet is very smartI watched 60 minutes and it made me proudTo see so many bilionaires helping people outI'm trying to find answers like everyone elseOne thing is for certainWe can no longer profit off of someone's healthSo it that's what you're doing find another wayCause Bernie's revolution is having it's saySomeone got too greedy and now your time is upBecause ordinary people like us we've had enoughCan't afford my children's college So let's get real