Made it to Nashville !!!


This is a copy of the letter that I handed to to Scott Borchetta at the front door of their company which was kind of hard to find because it was in a little house.The door was locked and I kept trying to open it when this handsome man with a baseball cap asked if he could help me. I has it all addressed but not sealed with a copy of my Children's book inside. He asked me if it was a C.D. I said no a letter and a book.So much fun. Philip also dropped me off at Paradigm Talent. The office was stunning had an amazing view of the Cumberland river. The receptionist was so nice. I handed my letter and book to her. Paradigm also handles authors.She asked who this was for. I said who should it be for smile smile. She laughed. I have read that it is important to be nice to everyone. Especially receptionist. I told her I was " BURSTING WITH TALENT " she laughed and I also said that I loved Nashville which I really did. I said I would love to live there. She said she loves living there. Such a fun trip !!!


                                                                                                                                                                  April 24th, 2018
Scott Borchetta
Big Machine Records
1219 16th Ave
Nashville, TN 37212

Dear Scott

I could make a lot of people a lot of money. Isn’t that why everyone is in the businesses that they are in? I am not just another little girl with big dreams and a guitar. I am actually a grown woman whose youngest son is twenty one.

I do believe in dreams! So much that I loaned a singer/songwriter 5000 dollars to make his first C.D. I am never naming names in this story as I am very grateful to have done this. It seemed crazy at the time being a single mom of four Kids. When I realized I probably was never going to be a part of his plans and I was probably never going to get the money back I started to pray. My prayer was please please please God could you make this story have a happy ending? I did not want to be the silly google eyed girl that fell for the guy with a guitar. Anyway about a month later May 25th 2003 I woke up with a complete song in my head. It was 4:00 a.m. but I got up and wrote it down. It’s called “What are you Crazy “.

The song lyrics just pour out of me. I am indeed blessed. I feel like I have been paid back. All of my songs come from my own life and emotion. I have also written this children’s book I am enclosing for you.

Anyway my idols are Tony Bennet and Betty White. I have a lot of life in me. I don’t do drugs or drink. For some reason I am almost 60 I have no aches and pains. I would love to dance like Taylor Swift. I think I could. I’m not the best singer but I was trying to have one of my songs done by a demo company and had to sing my idea into a mic. I had never done this before so I thought it probably would have turned out better if I had practiced so I brought the equipment I needed from Guitar Center.

This has been a fun journey but now I am ready for the next step which brings me to Nashville. I composed piano music to two of my songs. I am finally ready to share my story about the song that arrived in the middle of the night! My kids are all grown and no longer mad at me for loaning an almost total stranger 5000 dollars of my inheritance from my father. I’m not a very wealthy person. Actually I just recently told them so if I could turn that 5000 into more they might actually believe in their Mom.
I have two websites and you can also get to it by typing my name my other website is Let me know I would work very hard to make everyone rich smile smile.

Jodi Emmerling


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