I am so excited to be in my first Song writing contest !

I am very excited to be in my first song writing contest. It is a little bit scary I have to admit sharing my songs with more people than my AWESOME HUSBAND ! He is a crazy guy that supports me. We met 13 years ago December 27th, 2003. I was a busy mom raising kids recently divorced and I did not have time to date. I had just read two books. One was called " Why Men Love Bitches" and the other one was called " When God Winks ". I liked both books but the second one really spoke to me. It said God is always working in our lives but sometimes we don't listen. We are constantly being guided. So it said sometimes God will clunk you on the head with a message that is so LOUD you can't possibly miss it. Well that is what he did to me. I had been asking for a nice man to show up at my door because I did not have time to date. I was hoping this person did not drink alcohol. A pretty strong request in this alcohol is so awesome world. Then I met my Philip at a coffee shop when I was out listening to music. His ex wife knew my sister and she tried to move the chairs around so that we would be sitting next to each other. I was a little annoyed about this as I was tired because I had just finished working at a Men's hair salon that pampers men. I am hair stylist by trade. I did notice that night that he only had one beer. I was use to people that just keep the beers and whatever else to drink coming. When we said good night he walked me to my car. He was so nice. " He said if I am ever at the mountain again to let him know" . Well the next day at my sisters house on the mountain I asked her about him. I wanted her to call her friend and find out more about Philip. She wasn't interested in doing this. I thought darn it. That was when the phone rang and it was Philip. We made a date to have lunch at Stanfords in Lake Oswego. He was such an interesting man. He brought his work portfolio to lunch. He was a decorative artist and had worked all around the world. I knew nothing about paint. I had never ever painted. Not even one wall in my house. Pretty funny ! As we talked he had remembered that I said I would be forty five in a couple months. He said when is your birthday ? I said oh it's February 27th. He did something kind of strange. He got his wallet out. We were still eating. He was looking for something. He slid his drivers license across to me. Hmmmm a little weird. I looked at it. Philip and I have the exact same birthday. He was born on February 27th, 1951. I was born on February 27th, 1959. Dang I was being bonked on the head and I knew it. God was guiding me. He was telling me I did not have to date. He had the perfect man and he did practically showed up on my door. He was soon a big inspiration for my lyrics. I have written several songs about Philip. "My Sweet Sweet Artist Man" was written six days after I met him, " Lost and Found for Love " and " How Did You Know What I Need. which is very funny because he was actually on Match.com and he showed it to me. It said he like public displays of affection. I used this in my song. I then found out much later that it was a multiple choice question on the match.com form. Isn't that funny ! I thought it was his idea. Of course being a word person I loved it and I still do ! I am posting these three songs and I hope you like them.


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