My husband and I went to see Hillary at the Hilton downtown Portland in 2006. She gave an amazing talk. She was so good. She signed the tiniest pieces of paper for anyone that wanted her autograph. I could never do this. She was so patient !! We really do have to be thankful for the people that ever want to lead our country. There is so much disrespect ! Anyway I had come up with this product I was trying to promote. Little spray mist bottle with poems on the back. One was Hillary 2008 , one was Hillary and Bill and the last one was Obama 2016. Ha, that is funny how things worked out, isn't it. Now it's Hillary 2016. At the time I had also written " Madam President" I have had it copyrighted and registered. So I got it out and made some tiny changes. I really like it and I hope you do, too. Every one who has a girl in their life whether it's a Daughter, Mom, Sister, Aunt, Grandma should be so excited to have our first Women President. Shouldn't we ? I think so !!!! Please buy my song as it is a fundraiser to help get Hillary elected and get me noticed of course. smile smile

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