Yes I'm gonna BEG !!!

I wrote this on January 7th, 2016 my newest song. It came in twenty minutes.... all at once ! Boy that surprised me. I told Philip that I wanted to write about the high cost of college. By asking people to buy my songs I feel that is what I am doing. We have three kids, that could be well over 200,000.00 in student loan debt. This is CRAZY !!! for a Bachelors degree. This is not include a master degree. My stepson Casey was valedictorian of his high school made it into a private college. He did amazing. No one should have to start life with this kind of stress. Please buy my song so I can help Michelle, Casey and Maya pay off their student loans. They are AWESOME people !! My youngest son Ryan is in his freshman year. He is trying to do it on a track scholarship in community college at the moment. Every dollar helps .....THANK YOU ! 

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