I wanted to tell you about " Main Street America " and how that song came to be

Well I have had a harder time wanting to share this true story because I have been feeling guilty. We had two homes. That seems a bit greedy. We got caught up in the housing catastrophe. We had walked passed our dream home twelve times while walking our dog on the golf course. One day we walked by and we saw a for sale sign. Two months later we were living there. We were shocked when we didn't have to sell our current home. We had a bright idea to make it a vacation home. Both coming out of divorce with no retirement it seemed like a good idea and this house was almost paid off. Bad idea.... because when things crashed nothing was selling. We were one month away from the county auctioning block twice because we had one of those get a home equity line of credit it is the smart thing to do. Remember all those adds. I prayed for a buyer and the house closed literally a few days before it would be auctioned. Let me tell you one house is enough and if that doesn't work out I would take some sort of camper. Anyway I wrote Main Street America for all of us because we do work hard and we shouldn't feel guilty. We are just trying to do our BEST. It was the Wall Street Greed that brought our country to it's knees. 

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