We really do need a Middle Class Revolution !

Real life seems to stir emotion especially in me. We like everyone else can't keep up with the expensive insurance which doesn't begin to cover what it use to. Being self employed is a mixed blessing. We had almost let our insurance go because we had the opportunity to sign up for what I call Obama Cares! We hadn't paid our premium.... it was late. Philip started having chest pains and he has had heart problems. It was very scary we raced around and found the money from someone who is extremely nice and generous and understanding. Drove the payment to the insurers office and then raced to St. Vincents hospital. It turned out o.k but that was very scary. If we have to spend so much money on health care we can't spend money on other things and that in my opinion hurts the economy. Why did The Rose Garden change it's name to Moda....I hate that...I love words and I loved The Rose Garden. What do you think it cost the HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY to buy that ad. Somebody has a little too much money don't you think! It's time for a middle class REVOLUTION !!!

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