A little info about my first song " One Moment in Time "

I am addicted to Biographies. Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Carol King, Rod Stewart, Steven Tyler, Susan Boyle, Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton, Adele, Shania Twain, Bruce Springsteen, Clive Davis, and believe it or not many more. I have learned many wonderful tips from these books. One of the tips was to start my own music publishing company. So I did. I am the proud owner of Muse Juice Magic Music Publishing. So I registered my company with ASCAP, to make sure the name was available. Designed my own business cards and letter head on Photoshop, I had my first song produced by Trystan Mathews at Demo my Song in Portland, Oregon. The minute I stepped into his studio on Morrison street it felt magical. He had me step up to the mike, put the head phones on and sing my version of One Moment in Time. This was so much fun. You see I had never recorded my voice before. I started thinking wow this would have turned out much better if I had practiced with my own recording equipment. That started my journey on researching how to record and taking classes at Guitar Center. I am very happy with what Trystan did with my song. I paid to have a singer named Erin sing my song. Musically he needed to cut out some of the lyrics. Because I am such a beginner I get that, but I would like to record it again myself and try to put the original lyrics back. This song was inspired about ten years ago after I heard Billy Jean King talk about her " One Moment in Time ". Anyway I put together a presentation from my music publishing company and sent it all the way to London to Susan Boyles manager. I thought the lyrics and sound of my song was perfect for her. It took about a month but I heard back from Sony Music London. I was checking my email at about 5:00 a.m. in bed squinting my eyes because I didn't have my glasses. Holy crap does that say Sony Music. I got out of bed raced to my much larger computer to read it. Rema Chuhan of Sony Music London said she was forwarded my email by Susan's manager and she said send me your song. I raced back woke up my sleepy husband and made him give me a high five. I did send Rema the song. I haven't heard back but Susan did do a Christmas album right after that so that gives me hope that she still might record it. Which I would be extremely honored to have happen. 

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